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Jul 17 - 18 2024


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Partners’ Retreat 2024

AC Group Partners Retreat 2024

AC Group Partners Retreat 2024

We're excited to welcome you to the AC Group Partners Retreat, July 17 & 18, 2024!

This is the kickoff of our Practice Management program. We've partnered with RêveNow Leadership to focus on practice management for the next 18 months or so. Day 1 is a session for firm Partners, and Day 2 is for Partners and their lead operations team, including ops managers, senior managers, primary admin and other leaders/future leaders in firms. This registration form is for Partners only, who will attend both days of the retreat.

Your registration for the Partners Retreat includes:

  • Working lunch at 1230 PM (time may change slightly)
  • Kickoff session with Jean Guy Talbot, 1:30 - 430 PM:
    Practice Profitability
  • This presentation is intended to help business owners identify the factors and necessary adjustments to their business that will have the most impact on the health and profits of their enterprise.
    In this session, Jean-Guy offers practical, actionable ideas of where to prioritize efforts, concentrating first on the low hanging fruit that will give greater return sooner rather than later.
    He will also provide advice on what information should be generated, how to prepare, read, and use financial statements for management purposes to gain insight on where to concentrate efforts for greater profitability.
    Participants will learn:
    • how to become part of the 3% of businesses that surpass all others.
    • where to focus your time and energy for a healthy profitable growing business.
    • how to determine the right benchmark and adjust operation to reach those goals
    • how to prepare, read, and use financial data in a way that provides insight on how to increase profits
    • how to identify key features of increasing profits
    • high concentration on skills owners need to develop to achieve high success and wealth
    At the partner’s retreat, roundtable discussions are added into the program to identify their struggles and successes. This is designed for the purpose of sharing great ideas and allow for program fine-tuning. RêveNew Practice Management provides a series of discussion topics and questions to facilitate conversation.
    The Value of the Practice Management Coaching Program
    Introduce the value of coaching and an opportunity to join. Two specific timelines to enter could be July and October. An opportunity can be presented for firms to join or meet following the invitation to discuss if this is the right fit for them.
  • Group dinner at the Wingate Dieppe July 17, 6PM. Day 2 participants are included as well.
  • Breakfast on July 18 included in the hotel room rate for guests
  • Lunch and AM break on July 18
  • Professional development: Two sessions, 9-12 and 12-3 with working lunch break. Facilitator: Jean Guy Talbot Your Services Using Value Billing
    How do you determine the value of the product or services provided? How do you determine that amount where you’re charging the maximum price without scaring current or potential customers away? Are there times when charging for services by the hour is more appropriate than a fixed pricing model?
    In this session, Jean-Guy will walk you through looking at the value provided from your client’s perspective. It will focus on asking the client the right questions. He will discuss a few negotiation techniques that he has implemented that will greatly increase the odds of achieving much greater profit and satisfaction with every client.
    You will learn:
    • the art of determining the value of services and products provided.
    • how to discuss and sell the value to clients.
    • techniques to improve the client’s perspective on the value of products and services provided.
    • how to discuss billing with a client
    • training and motivating your team to properly value and discuss amounts charged with clients and prospects.
    • when it’s appropriate to charge by the hour rather than using a fixed pricing model.

    Measuring Employee Productivity: Effective Use of Time Sheets

    Most people detest time sheets. Filling out timesheets is a pain, it’s time-consuming, and it’s difficult. So why do it? The reason time sheets fail so miserably for most practices is because most practitioners are either not using the right time/billing software and/or they don’t know how to use it. Proper use of timesheets will, without a doubt, increase firm profits by tens of thousands of dollars.
    Participants will learn:
    • how to properly use timesheets
    • how to properly use a timesheet system
    • how you can increase your bottom line immensely with very little effort or time
    We will discuss:
    • how you can motivate your team members by using the data
    • reports that will help shed light on employee weaknesses and strengths (and provide samples)
    • what to consider paying when hiring a new employee? Ie: Is $28.00 a good idea? Or for junior person, if they want $20.00 - when is the right time to hire them?
    • what to consider when an employee wants a pay increase? How do I know how much to increase it by and where do we end up?
    Practice Case Study
    To provide attendees an opportunity to apply the theory that was shared in the previous sessions, attendees to work in groups on an interactive case study with real, albeit constructed data.
  • Registration Cost: $1250 per firm, plus $125 per day, per person.
  • Hotel Group Rate Details (Deadline June 15th): $189 per night, including breakfast. Call Wingate Dieppe directly to reserve under the AC Group block. 506-830-8330
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