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The AC Red Binder

This caseware file, prepared by McIsaac Darragh and reviewed by the AC Tax Group, provides you with access to all sorts of reference materials, forms, and links which should become one of your most handy tools in preparing T1 returns. The binder has been distributed to all AC offices and should be available internally. Contact […]

S. 55 Update

Jennifer Campbell presented the updates to s. 55 to the Tax Committee in July 2015.

For Newbies

We have created two resources for ‘Newbies’ that you may find useful for your offices. They are ‘Dividends for Newbies’ and ‘Capital or Expense? for Newbies’. Please feel free to use either for your office.

Anatomy Of A 12 Hour ISA Audit Of A Micro-Entity

This article, prepared by Phil Cowperthwaite of Cowperthwaite Mehta in Toronto provides guidance and encouragement to auditors who are considering entering the field of auditing micro-entities and those who want to increase their current engagement efficiency. The premise is that auditing micro-entities is a specialty in itself and not something just anyone trained in auditing […]

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