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  • Hey, Portal Users! I’ve had some questions about whether or not you’ll get notified by email if content is added to the portal.
    The answer is, it’s up to you.
    In each users’ settings, they can adjust whether they want to receive emails for a variety of items, and so they have control over whether they would like emails or not.
    In the top rig…Read More

  • Tax question. I have a client that got divorced in 2023 and as a part of the divorce, the husband got the principal residence while she got the rental property in the settlement and that has now become her new principal residence since April 2023. I am assuming this means she “disposed of” her principal residence in 2023?

  • Standards question regarding ROMRS…
    Our checklists have the following:
    Section 1651, 3240, 3251, 3260, 3610
    Has the entity disclosed the following for retractable or mandatorily redeemable shares (ROMRS) issued in a tax planning arrangement that are classified as equity:
    A description of the arrangement that gave rise to the shares?
    My…Read More

  • It’s Training Tuesday in my world, meaning I spend a chunk of the day on upcoming training events. Have you heard about Calendar Clarity, the time management training we’re hosting virtually in May? There are two dates available, May 7 and 15, and they are open to anyone working in any role at our member firms. A discount will be applied for any…Read More

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